The ONLY HUD Approved, FHA insured reverse mortgage available. 

Reverse Mortgage Products

McWhorter Reverse Mortgage

Offers non-callable, government guaranteed lines of credit having no personal guarantees to borrowers or heirs  as well as one of a kind home purchase options to fit your needs!

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why choose McWhorter?

McWhorter Mortgage is your personal representative in the mortgage process.  Independent mortgage originators work strictly for you, finding the most competitive rate with the perfect loan designed specifically for your needs.   

Initial Mortgage Consultation
We will meet with you, determine your needs and discuss HECM/Reverse products best suited to achieve your objectives.
Prepare for Loan Process
Complete required financial counseling, provide your loan documents and review/approve lender proposal.
Help Us Help You Close!
Then just respond to our professional processors' request for final documents and enjoy your loan.
Lowest Fees
McWhorter Reverse Mortgage offers the lowest fees possible on all reverse mortgage products. We will beat any competitor’s quotes!
Flexible Rates
Depending on your objective, we can easily provide lower, or higher, rates to meet your goals, to maximize your available funds or achieve maximum credit line growth.
Personal Service
We will be with you every step of the process, 24/7, by text, email or phone or in person when needed. And, we attend every closing!

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Independent, Wholesale Mortgage Originators providing you the absolute most competitive rates, the lowest closing costs and the smoothest loan process, all with 24/7 access to your personal mortgage consultant. Why not get a free review of your lender’s proposal to see how we can save you thousands?

FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgages

HECM Refinance

Eliminate your first mortgage and replace it with a home loan requiring no monthly payments, no personal guarantees and can provide a line of credit with a government guaranteed growth in borrowing capacity on the unused balance!

HECM for Purchase

Use a HECM to purchase your next home to move closer to family, improve your monthly cashflow, retain your liquidity reserves or even purchase a home larger than you could have otherwise afforded using all-cash!

HECM VS heloc finance

Home Equity Lines of Credit cannot compare to Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Lines.  A HECM LOC has no personal guarantees and without major default cannot be called by the lender regardless of home value!

Proprietary Jumbo Reverse Mortgage

Eliminate monthly mortgage costs, retain ownership and significantly improve liquidity in home with a non-recourse, non-callable jumbo loan up to $4 million!


Rather than pay all cash to avoid monthly payments, achieve the same outcome  while saving up to half of your cash or more for investment or other preferred uses!


Without losing that low interest first mortgage, close a reverse second mortgage and use those proceeds to cover medical expenses, pay for grandchildren’s education, payoff other high interest debt or just access more liquidity!

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our team members

With over 60 years combined experience in all facets of residential real estate finance, development and sales experience, McWhorter Mortgage brings a depth of knowledge to help their clients consistently get the very best level of service, the most competitive rates and by far the lowest fees.  See how Brandon and Richard can help you get the home, or loan, of your dreams.

Brandon McWhorter
Founder/Managing Broker

Managing Broker
Specializing in all types of traditional mortgages

Richard McWhorter
Independent Mortgage Originator

Jumbo and Second Home Loan Professional
Reverse Mortgage Specialist


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Curious about where rates are headed? Wondering if the on-line loan quote you just received is competitive or whether there are hidden fees? Or, just want to speak with Brandon or Richard directly about how you can qualify for the cheapest rate, lowest fees and still get great personal service? Just reach out!

    Richard McWhorter

    Reverse Mortgage Specialist
    Wondering if reverse mortgages live up to the hype? If there’s a recession and my home value plummets, can my lender call the loan like a HELOC? Can I still leave my house to my children? Just leave us a message and we will be happy to assist in your decision process!


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